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Monday, July 28, 2014

Courser: Charter schools group a front for 'homosexual agenda'

Todd Courser, the infamous tea party preacher from Lapeer, is entangled in another fight inside the Michigan Republican Party as he pursues a state House seat in the August primary.
Courser has locked horns with the Great Lakes Education Project, one of the leading forces behind Michigan’s charter school movement, over a rather petty issue dealing with campaign laws.
In response to the GLEP complaint filed against him with the Secretary of State’s Office, Courser has let loose. He has called the GLEP an anti-conservative cabal and claimed they are “advancing the homosexual agenda in Michigan” and “advancing the Obama takeover of education in Michigan.”

In a Facebook post earlier this week, Courser, a Bible thumper who earlier this year seemingly distinguished between good Libertarian homosexuals verses "establishment" homosexuals in the GOP, posted: A video of a GLEP leader’s same-sex marriage ceremony , comparing it to a “graphic,” horrific film. He also attacked one of his three GOP opponents, Jan Peabody, who has the backing of the GLEP and “liberal billionaires” – whatever that means.  

Here is what Courser wrote:

I am standing against the liberal takeover of America! 
If you say you are standing against the liberal takeover of America then can you really be partnering with liberals to get elected?

WARNING!!! This video is graphic after about 50 seconds! My suggestion is that you don't watch it; the picture is enough. The video depicts the gay wedding of the Greg McNeilly, the Chief Strategist of GLEP, the group, behind all that smear mail against me and in support of Peabody. If you claim to be the most conservative candidate and have the backing of one of liberal gay rights activists, liberal billionaires, and special interests, can you really be all that committed to conservatism?

Great Lakes Education Project is the front group that is advancing both the homosexual agenda in Michigan and also advancing the Obama takeover of Education in Michigan through Common Core. And they are 100% behind Peabody and 100% behind all the mistruths, deception and lies that you have been receiving in your mailbox. Do your homework and don’t be fooled! 


  1. Todd Courser is a fool and a bigot. Greg McNeilly is an honorable man who has done more for the Republican party in Michigan than anyone else in recent history. So much for being the party of Freedom eh, Todd? It would be an embarrassment to see Mr. Courser represent anyone in Lansing. Looking back at his record in elections, it's safe to say we probably don't have to worry about Todd chalking up a W on the win/loss column anytime soon. He would find a way to lose a race for dog catcher even if he ran unopposed.

  2. Courser fibs to the Tea Party - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t-r74LaM5GM

  3. I agree with Anonymous. Both of them.

  4. Trying to grasp how your obvious bigotry against Christians ("bible thumpers") is any different...