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Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Schuette doubling down to get anti-gay, tea party support?

At the same time that Republican Attorney General Bill Schuette is aggressively pushing for preservation of Michigan’s ban on same-sex marriages and vows to take the issue all the way to the U.S. Supreme Court, he is chumming around with Republican National Committeeman Dave Agema, the GOP’s best known anti-gay bigot.

The AG and Agema chatted at Schuette’s re-election campaign in Grand Rapids yesterday (above). It’s probably a good guess that they did not discuss concerted efforts by the Republican establishment to censure Agema or bounce him from the RNC.

Meanwhile, the photo below shows Matt Hall (left), a Schuette staffer, and Jessica Jeurink, a top aide to Lt. Gov. Brian Calley, palling around with tea party activist Trucker Randy Bishop. Trucker Randy has become infamous in the GOP for his oafish behavior (and his status as a convicted felon and his support for Agema). Some party leaders have called for his resignation from all Republican posts he holds.

Yet, the next Republican State Committee meeting slated for the weekend of May 2 will be held at an upscale resort in Antrim County, which is where Trucker Randy serves as county GOP chairman.


  1. Schuette is trying to have it both ways. His re-nomination is at the Republican convention, something he barely won four years ago against Mike Bishop. Why nobody has declared, there's always the chance someone could get in or at least cause trouble for him. It's just sad that a politician of Schuette's standing has to pander to low-life scums like Randy Alvin Bishop.

  2. Schuette's "standing?" We're talking about an Attorney General who presented a case that was so inept, so amateurish that even the plaintiffs' supporters were cringing. It was an embarrassment for the State of Michigan to refer to that parade of extremists presenting pseudo-science mixed with bad faith-based rationales as "expert witnesses" -- and the judge said so in some of the strongest language I've seen in a decision.

    Right now all he's doing is damage control to try and hold the GOP base. "Palling around" with Dave Agema and Trucker Randy is pretty much what I'd expect.

  3. So Bill Schuette's ineptness as an attorney (did he himself actually argue the case?) gaave Michigan social conservatives a major loss? I actually would like to know how many cases Schuette himself has been involved in as an attorney general. I get the impression he himself never does any of the work.

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  5. Darn it, Chad! This is OUR intellectual property (pictures of Agema and Trucker Randy-intelectualness at its best!), but we decline to tell you who "we" are.

  6. Screenshots are not copyrighted.

  7. Two points nobody has raised:

    1. Is Matt Hall a state civil servant? If so, why is he attending political events? Actually, I would expand this question to include all of known Schuette staffers who have been attending Schuette campaign events this week in 25 cities across Michigan.

    2. It came out in the news Wednesday that Schuette has not returned the telephone calls of Governor Snyder regarding the same-sex marriage case even though Schuette is Snyder's attorney. Why is Schuette not answering his client's telephone calls? Could it be he's too busy criss-crossing the state for re-election to do his job?

  8. This is all caused by the GOP not removing Agema. How can he remain in his position? Everywhere he shows up will create news because he's a political liability.