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Monday, March 31, 2014

Run for the Rogers open seat already tearing up GOP

Congressman Mike Rogers made his surprise announcement on Friday that he is stepping down, and on Monday we already have a potential bitter split in the Republican Party. And this time the tea party cannot be blamed.

Former Michigan Senate Leader Mike Bishop of Rochester appears ready to jump at the chance to run for the open 8th District seat, a district which comprises Ingham and Livingston counties and northern Oakland County. A Facebook page created on Friday encouraging him to launch a campaign has accumulated 250 likes so far. 
Standing in the way is Rochester Hills Mayor Bryan Barnett, who apparently has the backing of Oakland County Executive L. Brooks Patterson.
On Michael Patrick Shiels' radio program this morning, state Republican Party Chairman Bobby Schostak said there would be a "meeting of the minds" over Barnett and Bishop.
Schostak did admit that Bishop is "associated with
those years" when asked directly by Shiels if Bishop was tainted by the tax and budget fights with then-governor Jennifer Granholm.

With the moved-up filing deadline set for April 22, a move is purportedly afoot by party leaders to put together a closed-door meeting today or Tuesday to hash this all out.
In the midst of this flurry of activity, Beverly Kelly, a conservative Republican activist put out an email commentary that essentially amounts to an attempt to quickly wound Bishop’s campaign before it gets started. 
Here’s a look at what she had to say to fellow “grassroots” Republicans:

This coronation is strangely reminiscent of the one called … “McCottergate,” when establishment Republicans anointed ex-(state)Sen. Nancy Cassis against conservative activist Kerry Bentivolio in the 2012 Republican primary for Michigan's 11th Congressional District.

An online graphic opposing Bishop
Bishop, who inherited political office from his father, a politician of the first order in his own right, has been dependent on the teat of government for most of his professional life -- as a member of the Michigan House of Representatives, a member of the Michigan Senate, majority leader of the Michigan Senate, the losing Republican candidate for state attorney general, and the losing Republican candidate for Oakland County prosecuting attorney. Despite losing his last two races Bishop is apparently back despite professing his passion for a life in the private sector. Does anyone even know if Bishop even won his own precinct when he lost last time?

Of course, this has deeply troubled many Republicans, and in particular the grassroots, who remember Bishop for cutting a smoke filled-backroom deal with then-Gov. Jennifer Granholm to shut down state government in 2007, thereby allowing Democrats to pass a $1.3 billion tax increase — the largest in Michigan's history.
Conservative activists and taxpayer rights advocates across the 8th Congressional District, which spans parts of Oakland, Livingston and Ingham counties, will need to guard their wallet with Bishop seeking a congressional seat. While he talks the talk, he is the epitome of the blue-blood Republican establishment.

Another bit of intrigue surrounding the "Run for the Rogers" seat is the contention that the timing and plotting is all part of a payback by the congressman against state Sen. Joe Hune, who represents all of Livingston County and apparently would like to take a shot at a congressional run. Conservatives say that Hune outmaneuvered Rogers’ brother, Bill Rogers, for a seat in the Michigan Senate four years ago.
Meanwhile, in a case of wishful thinking, former Michigan House Speaker Craig DeRoche, whose reputation took a plunge after a drunken driving incident and some erratic behavior, felt the need to issue a press release announcing that he will not run.
Former state party chair Saul Anuzis has also expressed an interest in the seat, with mixed results.

On the Democratic side it appears that much of the buzz surrounds Virg Bernero, the outspoken Lansing mayor who lost the 2010 gubernatorial race to Rick Snyder, and Ingham County Clerk Barb Byrum, a former state representative.
State Rep. Sam Singh (D – East Lansing) has declined to run, choosing to stick with his state House seat.


  1. Let the GOP tear itself up. We need a new seat for the Dems as tough as it might be.

  2. "Bobby Schostak said there would be a "meeting of the minds" over Barnett and Bishop." Schostak is a fine one to talk about integrity considering how they out-maneuvered the rules to make sure that Romney got the at-large delegates and his brother got a special bill passed to he didn't have to pay back a loan on a mall that tanked. . And Brooks Patterson is one of the masterminds behind Republican evildoing against the one's that are not considered one of the "anointed."

  3. Beverly Kelly does not exist neither does Edward Thomas who many believe are one in the same and both sent out similar e-mails. It is believed this person also lives in the 11th district not the 8th and has a gripe with Mike Bishop for personal reasons not political.