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Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Someone stop the madness -- another GOP kook comes out of the closet

The Michigan Republican Party just can’t catch a break.

Just as the GOP mainstream dodged a bullet this weekend by defeating the Republican National Committee candidacy of Mary Helen Sears, the UPer who wants to purge the party of gays, another kook has come out of the closet.
On Facebook, Tim Bos, an aide to the accidental congressman, Republican Kerry Bentivolio of Milford, has let it be known that he’s not so sure the massacre at Sandy Hook was fake. He also tends to believe that the collapse of the World Trade Center towers on 9/11 was also phony.

Tim Bos (left) with tea party bad boy Doug Sedenquist
In a Facebook post on Saturday, Bos referred to the 26 deaths at Sandy Hook as “alleged tragedies.” To bloster his case, he posted a link to a blog known as Before it’s News that featured a former cop from the South who believes that no one died at the elementary school in Newtown, Conn. He insists it was all a “hoax” and a “cover-up” perpetrated by gun-grabbing liberals to further their cause.
Bos, however, is not satisfied with just one outrageous conspiracy theory. He went on to reveal himself as a 9/11 Truther, posting this: “When you have over 1500 certified skyscraper architects, building engineers and military-trained explosives experts say those 3 buildings came down as a result of controlled demolition, and then document their proof- I listen intently.”

It’s unclear at this point if Bentivolio is aware of the posts by Bos, who serves as the congressman’s re-election field director of grassroots operations and get-out-the-vote activities.
One man who saw the posts and insists that Bos step down or be fired by the congressman is former Plymouth Police Chief Carl Berry, a Bentivolio constituent.
Berry issued a press release this morning that said, “Questioning the validity of the tragedies at Sandy Hook Elementary is sick and wrong and the lowest of political discourse. Congressman Bentivolio should be ashamed of surrounding himself with this kind of ludicrous speech and should fire Mr. Bos from his position on the Bentivolio campaign immediately. The 11th district does not deserve this kind of extremism. It deserves common sense.”

Berry may not realize that Bos tends to fit right in as an aide to Bentivolio. The freshman lawmaker, who faces a tough re-election, is a former reindeer rancher and Santa Claus impersonator who harbors his own set of conspiracy theories.
Recently, the congressman said he wants Capitol Hill hearings to determine if the government is using commercial aircraft to create “chemtrails” – a spray of mind-altering chemicals into the atmosphere that are disguised as routine jet engine exhaust.


  1. To his credit Bentivolio recently let go fellow staffer and conspiracy theorist Adam De Angelio who is now applying his considerable skills to the campaign of Gary Glenn.

  2. Tim Bos is a mainstream Republican.

  3. This isn't event funny. It's scary that someone like Bos has been given a platform to spread insane theories. Shame on the Congressman for propping this man up.

  4. Tim Bos is a very scary man. Tim Bos lists his religious views on his facebook page as "I strongly believe that Islam is the religion of death to non-believers and the religion of honor killings, sexual mutilation, beheadings, stonings of gays and women and the scourge of the free world. Actions speak for themselves, and Muslims have a 1400 yr track record that is undeniable and is no less blood thirsty today as it has been every single single day of every single year of every single century in the last 14."