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Monday, September 9, 2013

Mich congressman calls for probe of mind-altering drugs falling from the sky

While the nation debates whether to send U.S. missiles raining down on Syria, one Michigan congressman appears to be preoccupied with the possibility that the Air Force is dropping mind-altering chemicals from the skies onto the United States population.
Kerry Bentivolio, the accidental congressman, recently told a town hall-style Republican gathering in Birmingham that he will call for an investigation, with Air Force participation, on the subject of “chemtrails.”

The term chemtrails refers to one of the most thoroughly debunked conspiracy theories that have ever been raised in the political arena. The claim is that the jet exhaust we all see in the atmosphere – long white trails of smoke – contains hazardous chemicals or, some believe, mind-altering biological agents.
At least four federal agencies, plus the Air Force, have debunked this claim that the contrails in the sky are more than harmless exhaust. Since this claim first arose in 1996, numerous universities and scientists across the globe have also proven it to be hoax.

But Ventivolio, the former reindeer rancher who was elected to the House last year when congressman Thad McCotter resigned in disgrace, apparently is not completely convinced. When he was hit with a series of questions at the Birmingham GOP event by chemtrails-true believers in the audience, the Milford Republican initially said the theory lacked proof.
Then, he backpedaled and said he will hold a hearing in his district on the so-called issue, according to a video recording of the event.

Maybe Bentivolio, who has frequently played Santa Claus in the past, will choose as his next big issue a probe into what kind of “exhaust” is emitted by flying reindeer.


  1. For anyone that wants proof, just go to "Sky Watch Detroit" on Facebook. You will see all the evidence posted there for the past several month's about how we are being poisoned from these purposely sprayed chemtrails. I for one am sick of them!
    Donald Koptyra - Clinton Township

    1. I think it's probably time to loosen your tinfoil hat.

  2. Please watch this for some proof!

  3. Why do you refer to Rep. Bentivolio as a "former" reindeer rancher? Did he sell his reindeer?

  4. Hooray ... Finally someone with guts is standing up.
    I hope the congressman follows through. He'll have my vote next time around.
    Also check out ...

    Watch with OPEN minds, if you still have one. Do it for your grandchildren. What if it's true ?

  5. I refuse to believe that a person can believe in chemtrails and simultaneously not have to remind themselves to inhale and exhale to stay alive.

  6. Oh my....I live in perhaps the dumbest region of Michigan. I'm a teacher and I don't teach my kids this nonsense so DON"T blame the schools for this wacka-doodle.

  7. It's so debunked that's why the CIA is funding $630K to geoengineering.


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