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Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Mich Dem chair moonlights as Easter Bunny?

Lon Johnson has yet to make a real impact as the new Michigan Democratic Party chairman, but he may soon be known in Washington as the Easter Bunny Guy.

The Washington Post is reporting that a knowledgeable source told them that Michigan's top Dem was the guy in the bunny suit at this year's White House Easter Egg Roll.
Al Kamen, writing at his In the Loop blog, said that Johnson didn't reply to several calls seeking confirmation, including one where he answered and said he’d call back.

The story was picked up by the UK Daily Mail, which offered this headline: Did he lose a bet?

Kamen wrote that, as bunny performers go, "a great performance is one where you don’t hurt yourself — your vision through the bunny’s mouth is quite limited — and you don’t step on the little kids."
The Obama White House, which continues to push the idea that they put a great emphasis on transparency, would not hop to it when asked for a comment. Apparently the identities of those who wear the bunny suit each year is considered confidential.

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