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Friday, February 15, 2013

Dave Jaye is back -- on a hilarious YouTube retrospective

Jaye and his ol' BFF, Joe Munem
Dave Jaye is back and starring on YouTube, circa the 1990s.

Someone has compiled a fewbroadcasts of the former state senator’s cable access show into 8 ½ minutes of hilarity.  With some clever editing and tape loops, the presentation makes Jaye look like a buffoon. Yet, the notorious ex-lawmaker needs no help from the cutting room floor.

It’s rather astonishing what Jaye got away with on a routine basis back then. In an age when controversial statements by public officials instantly become fodder for Facebook and Twitter, it’s impossible to imagine that Jaye, who was happy to spout off on camera, would have survived in today’s political atmosphere.

Here’s the former Shelby Township Republican calling for life sentences for repeat criminal offenders: “Lock ‘em up for good, or at least until they’re 70-years-old – unless they’re perverts. Lock’em up forever, or at least until we get the death penalty, whichever comes first. Fry ‘em, or keep them forever.”

Jaye refers to “looney-tunes” defenses of violent juveniles. The problem, he agrees, is that there’s too many single moms raising kids (“it is a sex thing”) and not enough disciplinarian fathers (“sometimes you need your Pop to whack you on the fanny”).

Jaye is now best remembered for drunkenness, spending time in jail, domestic violence and getting kicked out of the Senate. What you notice when you watch the video is that Jaye had an obsession with tough law enforcement – and the word “pervert.”

Over at Deadline Detroit, Jeff Wattrick had a little fun with this audio/visual trip in the way-back machine to a time when politicians like Jaye thrived.

Wattrick wrote: “What camera wouldn't love Jaye's creepy smile, his bad comb-over that leaves you wondering if he's wearing a hair piece, and his fun demand that Detroit Mayor Dennis Archer submit to a drug test? You know, because Archer was (maybe still is!) one of those blacks! In Detroit! Then there was the time Jaye "joked" about Native American casino operators trying to scalp him. Classic.”

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  1. What you won't read about is how many people he was verbally abusive to and how many people he hurt. I know of several who were not treated right on his staff, not paid and taken advantage of. He's burned a few bridges, hope he will start to try to mend them now.