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Friday, November 2, 2012

Warren Mayor Jim Fouts, the Grinch who stole Halloween

Happy Halloween to everyone in the city of Warren.
While the rest of Michigan celebrated one of the nation’s favorite holidays on its traditional day, Oct. 31, Warren Mayor Jim Fouts decided that his city should postpone Halloween. Giving just 24 hours notice, Fouts decreed on Tuesday that Halloween would be celebrated this year on Nov. 2.

Perhaps craving some of the media attention showered upon New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg and New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie following Hurricane Sandy, Fouts decided unilaterally that the (minimal) weather effects from Sandy felt here in Macomb County were enough to move Halloween to Friday.

Well, Fouts’ critics will tell you that he’s a combination of eccentricity and arrogance, but this time, as Texas Gov. Rick Perry might say, he really stepped in it.

When he issued his plan to move Halloween, he quickly faced ridicule from some. Most Warren families apparently ignored the mayoral decree. After all, dozens of the Halloweens over the past 50 years have brought cold and rain.
But some families obeyed, apparently believing it was an edict from on high. Now, they will have to explain to their kids why virtually no one will be giving out candy tonight.

Jim Fouts, the Grinch who stole Halloween.

What I don’t understand is, why didn’t the almighty mayor just throw his arms up to the sky on Wednesday and part the heavens so the sun could shine through?


  1. Excellent Job Chad. Keep exposing this "eccentric" Mayor for what he is so we can get a real Mayor in 2015!

  2. The emperor is fiddling while Rome is burning!

  3. Could you please label the photos? I can't tell which is the grinch and which is McFouts.