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Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Sandy Levin's opponent suggests he could become an assassin's target

Don Volaric, the Republican challenger to Democratic Rep. Sandy Levin, has portrayed himself as a maverick within the GOP, an outsider who declines to engage in partisan politics.
But now he’s gone several steps further and has suggested that, if elected, his stubborn refusal to play the political games in Washington could result in him suffering physical harm, perhaps even death.
In an interview with The Macomb Daily on Tuesday, Volaric, a Chesterfield Township Republican, did not use the word assassination.
But he did say: “If I am elected, I hope I don’t die for this.”
When asked to explain, he said that each time a lobbyist approached a Congressman Volaric with an offer of campaign cash in exchange for a vote, he would immediately report the incident to the Daily and expose the influence-peddlers as corrupt.
That approach, he said, could make him very unpopular in Washington.
Volaric, who’s making his second run at Levin, has previously complained that this campaign has been hard on his family -- a wife and two young children. In addition, his refusal to run in the 9th District as a typical partisan GOP nominee, the candidate said, has angered some in the local party. 
As a result, he claimed, some party members have attempted to damage his campaign behind the scenes.


  1. He's a RWNJ. Really, If he's that scared of Washington, he shouldn't be running. And he sounds a wee bit paranoid. I know about paranoid because I suffer from Bi-Polar Disorder. He should get that checked, really. We already know Sandy Levin is up to the job and has been since 1982. He is one of the most powerful Democrats in DC which benefits the District. We need to vote in our best interests: Sandy Levin.

  2. Sander is so good that unemployment is at an a time high, housing values are at an all time low. Our men and women are dying in unconstitutional wars. Yea send Sandy back for more. His 4000 square foot vacation home in the hamptons needs more servants. So send millionaire liberal Sandy Levin back cause hes the greatest!

  3. Right. Because, as we all know, lobbyist wander the halls of Congressional office buildings with brief cases full of cash offering to pay Representatives and Senators for their vote. And both chambers of congress are filled with members from both parties who will sell their votes at the drop of a hat in return for cash. But Don will be the brave maverick hero, the sole voice of integrity in Washington, bravely refusing to be accept bribes, even at the cost of his life.

    There's stupid. Then there's dumb. But to get here takes Don Dumb.

  4. You really want a paranoid, uneducated, inexperienced Tea Party hack like Volaric to represent you in Congress? Like the Tea Party in the House has done so well for us, obstructing every jobs bills that came before them. Their only concern was to make sure Obama was a one term President, regardless of what he did or did not accomplish. They didn't care that their vendetta harmed the country and Volaric is one of them. I would much rather rely on a sane, stable, intelligent hard working Congressman like Sandy Levin. He is one of the most powerful congressmen on the Hill and uses that power and experience for the district. Volaric would have NONE of that. We can choose paranoia or sanity, intelligence vs uneducated and experienced and powerful vs beholden to obstructionist right wingers who don't care about you and me, just their own agenda. I'll stick with Sandy.