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Thursday, March 22, 2012

Tea Partiers launch 'vile' attack on GOP leader's family

Susan J. Demas of the MIRS news service in Lansing has an important column today about the further slippage into the slime that Michigan politics has taken in 2012 and the willingness of shameless so-called journalists to muddy themselves up.
(Richardville -- WOOD-TV photo)
Demas wrote about two Tea Party activists, R. Al Bain and “Trucker” Randy Bishop, who have attacked Senate Majority Leader Randy Richardville and his family in such a “vile” manner that Demas declined to supply details.  

“I don't think I've heard anything as disgusting and offensive as what a couple Tea Party miscreants expelled this week. And the most bat-poop crazy thing about it is that media outlets were willing to take their rantings at face value and run with them,” she explained in her piece written for MLive. 
Tea Party groups across the state have made it clear that they don’t like Richardville’s politics (they say the Monroe Republican is not conservative enough) and they’ve repeatedly threatened to line up a primary candidate to challenge him in the 2014 GOP primary.

One problem with the Bain and Bishop team leading the way in this skirmish is that they fall into the category of tea partiers who are really not new to the game, they had simply been relegated to the sidelines in the past because of their right-wing views.
In 2010, Bishop was trounced in a GOP Senate primary by 22 points. And Bain was crushed in that same primary year by a 36-point margin by … yes … Richardville.
"This guy is not a Republican," Bain told MIRS. "I don't care if he's got an 'R' after his name. He's not a Republican."
Demas said that Bain insists he’s not seeking vengeance but “for Bishop and Bain to claim to extol ‘family values,’ they sure have a funny way of showing it with their vile rhetoric.” 

The second half of this story emerges with a Charlevoix radio station, WKMT-AM 1270, where host Greg Marshall gave Bishop a forum on Wednesday afternoon to “let his freak flag fly for more than an hour. Bain also joined in the fun,” according to Demas.
This dysfunctional duo claimed that MIRS was writing a story based on their allegations. That was false. But it is true that at least one blog has taken the bait and ran a story.

You can read the entire column here.


  1. Please do not lump these two together under the title of "Tea Partiers" There are plenty of those in the movement who are appalled by their actions and disavow them. I am one of them. http://grassrootsmichigan.com/?p=1719

    "I personally and Grassroots in Michigan as an organization disavows this kind of behavior and tactic. Neither I nor Grassroots in Michigan as an organization be involved nor associate with these individuals or “partner up” or promote with any Group, organization or candidate that condones this behavior and/or has these individuals as active participants. It’s past time to throw down the gauntlet and take a stand for ethical principles and actions and I will even if I stand alone. Nevertheless, I urge my fellow adherents in the movement to join me"

    Joan F.

  2. Joan,

    What are you going to do when these alligations are proven to be true in the court of law? You are out of your league, this is a subject you know nothing about. Stop grand standing.

  3. Gee Joan a little late on the lumping them in as Tea partiers as you yourself already did that on Fb and elsewhere. How about we all let the facts come out first, before we throw anyone under the bus?